Amanda Martinson

Original Oil Paintings


Limited Edition Archival Prints

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There is stillness in Amanda’s work that is at once familiar to all visitors of the coast. A place guided by memory yet enlightened with the immediate beauty of nature in this rugged setting as ancient as time. It is that feeling of deep calling unto deep we all experience when looking to the horizon, that moment of transcendence that refreshes our soul and puts our life and humanity in perspective. This is the unspoken attraction that draws us to her work. These images are her reflection of that portal to the infinite that is the soul of the coast.

Amanda uses the patterns of nature to create dynamic compositions that dance with color – her favorite subjects are unusual rock formations, rocky islets, beaches and dramatic skies.

With sketchbook in hand she has come to intimately know the beautiful places of her coastal home. As well, she loves to island hop and has found a treasure trove of painting subjects. Her paintings offer a magical respite from the stresses of work and city life.

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