Colin Ruffell

Signed and Numbered Giclee Prints
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Colin Ruffell was born in 1939, then he was bombed, evacuated, educated, expelled, repatriated, married, bred, qualified and taught; until in 1965, aged 26, he became a professional artist, and ever since then he is proud and happy to have survived.

"Two degrees Ruffell" has qualifications from Art Colleges in painting, design and printmaking, (N.D.D.), and The Open University in psychology and aesthetics, (BSc Hons), and until recently had a street traders licence from Westminster City Council. More usefully he has a clean driving licence.

He has founded, led or organised the following: Spectrum Studios, Artists in Action, Bayswater Road Artists Association, 9-Plus Artists Group, Buckingham Fine Art Ltd., Brighton Artists Workshop, European Fine Art Ltd., Fiveways Artists Group, and the crabfish website.

Exhibited in; England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Germany, Holland, U.S.A., Japan, Venezuela, and Australia, plus works in private collections worldwide. One collector took down an original Picasso to hang a Ruffell.

May 2000, Colin was elected to sit on the Court of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

He likes cooking, drinking, eating, playing with grand-children, and talking about the archeo-psychic ego state or biological determinism, but often prefers to go bird-watching.

His pictures are varied. He paints in many styles. Some images are childlike and amusing, others are traditional landscapes, and yet more are complex modernist abstract relationships of colour, texture and shape. He claims that he paints in explosive bursts, necessarily punctuated by long spells of getting ready, or recovery from the last effort.

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