We like to have unique gift items in our Gallery, in a full array of prices. We are always adding new items to our gifts and cards, and as they change so frequently, we may not have specific photots of each item, but we can certainly send you updated photos individually if you need to see what pieces are available from a specific artist. And if you are purchasing a gift, we will allow 30 days for an exchange to another gift. We have lots of new items in our gift range. Thank you for supporting our talented artists.

Wanda Shum

Wanda Shum is a B.C. grown artist who was formally trained in Electronic Communication Design at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, she's been an independent artist for over 15 years with a variety of works to her name. All her work has embodied an attention to detail in form and function. Wanda's works are recognized for their bright and whimsical qualities.

Currently, she's working with polymer clays in a technique called Millefiori or A Thousand Flowers, which is a traditional Venetian glass art that involves the formation of a cane-like sculpture with fused glass rods that has a pattern throughout. The modern version of this is created by laying different coloured polymer clays together. Then the cane is sliced to reveal the design within. Wanda describes 'millefiori' as a combination of painting and sculpting.

We are delighted to have her bowls, chopsticks and various brooches, including dragonflies, beatles and ladies. Again, these are examples of Wanda's work and we may not have exactly what is on the website, but we can always let you know what we have.

Stained Glass Teapot

This is one of three style of stained glass teapot lights that we have in the Gallery and they are priced at $79.00. As you can see, one is turned on and the other is not.

Lori Bigelow

Lori Bigelow's jewellry is very amazing and we are pleased to have it in our Gallery. Lori is such a talented artist, and her three in one silver chains are a big hit. Turn your pendants into a "piece", rather than a pendant on a chain, when you dangle the circle and the heart closure with the pendant. And her pendants are so unique, along with her necklaces. Come and spoil yourself with her incredible designs.

Teabag Catchers and Glass Dishes

These teabag catchers are perfect little gifts for any occassion. And the glass serving dishes come in piano, bear, inukshuk and fuchsia designs. The small serving dishes are 4" x 4" and the long serving dishes are 4" x 10". These slumped glass pieces are all handmade by a small company in North Vancouver and we are delighted to support our talented local artisans.

Antonella Pivetta

Antonella Pivetta is part of an artistic family and has lived with art her whole life. While living in Mexico, Antonella had the opportunity to discover repujado. Enthralled with the design possibilities of metal combined with the texture and naturalness of wood or glass, she studied with a repujado master instructor for two years. Antonella continues to be inspired by new designs. Each piece is painstakingly created by hand and is signed. The textures, form and designs work together to present a beauty that is peaceful, serene and tranquil. We are priviledged to have her jewellry boxes, teaboxes and a tilt mirror. Her work needs to be seen to be appreciated, and she is willing to look at custom pieces for clients.


Enjoy our practical trivets that can also be hung on the wall. There are various designs including native designs of fish, frog and sun and then the other designs of bear, moose and inukshuk. These trivets are made with recycled glass and resin. A practical gift.

Alannah MacPhail

See the simple but powerful designs in these Chakra Bracelets, made and designed by Alannah MacPhail. Made with semi-precious stones, they will support the energy of your Chakras and be delightful to wear.

Ed Kennedy

These dichroic earrings by Ed Kennedy are wonderful bright earrings. They reflect the colours around them and are lots of fun to wear! The cufflinks and earrings are all reasonably priced.

Zebra and Giraffe Vases or Candle Holders

These delightful funky zebras and giraffes will bring a smile to your face whether you fill them with flowers, candles or leave them empty. They are just a very unique style and will delight you or a friend!

Pressed Flowers and Leaves in Stained Glass

These fragile little designs are all from a beautiful garden in Victoria where the owner also designs the candle holders, trivets and magnets in stained glass.

Pewter Knives and Spoons

These polished pewter butter knives and cheese knives come in two designs: maple leaf and a native eagle head design. We also have lovely native designed serving spoons and smaller spoons, along with a salt dish. Because it is polished pewter (lead free of course) it does not tarnish like silver does.

Buddha Boxes with Free Life Stones

These fun Buddha Boxes come in four sizes and four different designs with a free "Life Stone" and a neat little writeup about choosing the smooth or the rough way.

Wade Baker

Wade Baker, an internationally renowned West Coast artist, designed the millenium Canadian quarter. His ancestral lineage includes Kwakiutl, Haida, Coast Salish and Tlingit nobility. His designs will delight you. They make wonderful souvenirs of your trip to the West Coast, or as a very tasteful gift to a loved one.

All his work is made in Canada, with the crystal coming from Europe. Each gift comes boxes and with a writeup of Wade and what the particular animal represents in native terms.

Lighten Up Creations!


Were you given a candle that was so pretty, you didn't want to burn it? These refillable candles will solve all that because you only burn the tea light candle that is in the middle, but it shines through the wax and shells (or amethyst, jade, rose quartz, etc.) of the candle to delight you with a wonderful atmosphere. They come in three different sizes, the small ones being $18.90, the middle size being $28.90 and the larger ones being $32.90. These candles make a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Artie George

Artie George is from the Squamish Native Band and is a talented artist, using his creative juices to design beautiful native art. We have various pieces of his work but the shadow box frames for the wall measureing 4" x 4" are always in stock along with the round ring boxes and collectibles in the $29 price range. You may have to order his larger pieces from us.

Lawrence Ruskin

Lawrence Ruskin is an extremely talented glassblower. He studied at the Pilchuck School of Glass in Washington under Dale Chihuly, and was obviously a very talented student. People who see Lawrence's work and own a Chihuly piece of glass tell me that Lawrence's work is just like his, the only difference being the price. What I do know is that Lawrence is a very talented glass blower and I am proud to represent him in my gallery.

Lawrence's blue and white bowl is 19" wide by 14" tall. His turquoise and purple bowl is 18" wide x 18" tall. And we have a lovely collection of his flower vases in green, blue and purple.

The plates shown are only examples as they are constantly selling and changing so if you are looking for a particular bowl, you might want to phone first and we can email you images of what is available.

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