Linda Heslop

Prints of Watercolours


Linda Heslop makes her home on the West coast of Canada where she is as rooted to the land as the stones, sea stars, and sandy beaches that she paints with vivid realism.

Tutored by her artist/architect father (who was one of the architects responsible for the design of Victoria's Royal BC Museum), she has drawn and painted since early childhood. She began painting in earnest before entering her teens, foregoing any formal art training as she had a strong sense of direction in her art at an early age.

Finding illustrative work somewhat confining Linda took a change in direction in the late 1990s and turned her focus to fine art almost exclusively. Honing her skills in watercolour, a medium she loves passionately, she began in earnest to capture the natural beauty of BC's wild coast. "I sense a connection with the geology of this part of the world", she says, "and an humbled by the timeless beauty of our coastline and its abundant shorelife." And indeed many can relate to her paintings of strolls along the beach and find calmness in having their own memories revisited.

Linda's work is in personal collections worldwide and in keeping with the conservationist motto "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" she enjoys the fact that her paintings are an invitation to safely take a little of the west coast home whilst leaving it undisturbed for others to enjoy.

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